Hello! It's me...

./About Me

I am a self-taught web-developer living in Bordeaux, France.

I like to learn new things and practice my skills in order to improve myself, I also like music, electronics and online businesses.

I am interested in the different ways to build and develop a website, and especially in the ways that exist to make it sustainable.

Curious and voluntary by nature, I have already started several projects including Yanklee.fr in the field of print on demand, and Ab'CDR on which I offer my services as a PC & smartphone repairer.

I have also done maintenance work and soundsystems installations at cultural events and have often been in the limelight as an emcee for concerts and festivals.

If you want to know more about me, my background and my know-how click here.

And if you want to start working with me, contact me right now.